IBackup - Online & Advance Data Backup

IBackup - Online & Advance Data Backup Services

With the changing landscape and new technology developing each year, online backup and disaster recovery continue to be very sought after solution from small and medium-size businesses. IBackup provides enterprise-class online data protection with superior performance for at a fraction of cost. With IBackup, you can backup/restore your critical data interactively or schedule regular online backups for Windows desktops, laptops and servers.

As a part of its Managed IT Services, Computer House of South Jersey is offering IBackup's Online backup tools and IBackup Advantage solutions so that they can take care of their client's IT needs while they focus on growing their business.

With its simple, user- friendly interface coupled with a robust scheduling and logging features, IBackup automatically selects the most critical data (Desktop, Music, Pictures, Videos, Documents) for backup. More advanced features include Open File Backup, System State backup, MS SQL Server, MS Exchange Server, Hyper-V, MS SharePoint Server and Oracle Server backups.

IBackup - Online backup and storage service

The IBackup Advantage

Here is what makes IBackup solutions very attractive to small business:

Cost Effective

IBackup reduces your total cost of ownership with no upfront hardware or software costs and no setup fee. You start with a small investment and pay for additional storage as your business needs grow.

Unmatched Reliability

YOUR resides industry-leading storage devices with multiple levels of redundancy and protection. Your data is protected against software and hardware failure by also being mirrored between data centers for additional security and reliability.


Data is scheduled for automatic backup. There is no need to remember to perform your manual backups or to change obsolete or outdated backup mediums.

Data Security

Your data is encrypted using latest encryption algorithms during and after its securely transfer and stored on data center servers.

Scalability & Expansion

IBackup allows you to add additional storage if and only when you need it. IBackup will notify you and when additional storage needs may be required.


Your data is available to you at all times. IBackup offers several interfaces to access your data. It works across multiple operating systems and platforms for maximum flexibility and integration.

24 x 7 Support

You can always count on the IBackup technical support around the clock free of charge.

To see if IBackup is a potentially right solution for your business as an online backup and recovery solution, call us at 609-652-3222 or click here to schedule your free consultation appointment.

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